Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ah, Those Silly Bush Boys

Finally have another new vid published on GNN. Check this out if you need a break from pointing to the the hyporcicy of the Schiavo Situation:

How can their women stand living with them?

Copy of the Intro page:

DJ Danger Mouse's video assault on the first family

GNN is proud to publish the first of many videos from independent video group subMedia TV.

In early 2004, DJ Danger Mouse became world famous for his “Grey Album,” the Jay Z/Beatles mash-up that sent hundreds of lawyers into convulsions. Months earlier, Danger Mouse had dropped his acclaimed hip-hop record Ghetto Pop Life. “Bush Boys,” an anti-Bush anthem with lyrics by MC Jemini, was part of that masterpiece. The video for “Bush Boys” is a collaboration between Danger Mouse and his longtime friend, video producer Alex Motlagh, who had access to CNN’s vast library. The video was first seen in “Under the Influence,” a compilation DVD by Atlanta’s film collective YETI. subMedia put the video online on April of 2003 and since it has been downloaded over 100,000 times. “Bush Boys” will be included in subMedia’s upcoming DVD/Zine “Molotov.”


Grey Album Download

POP Films Latest Project

Danger Mouse



Music: Danger Mouse and Jemini

Director/Producer: Alex Motlagh, POP Films

Submitted by Franklin Lopez, Submedia TV

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