Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Jackson jumps on the Schiavo bandwagon - where has he been?


Anonymous said...

It's never to late ...

for a rat to jump on a sinking ship. The ship is going down but everyone wants a photo of themselves on deck for the family album. You never know when you might want to run for office. Name recognition is the key to success. Where would G W Bush and Kim Jong Il be without their daddy's name?

One can only hope that Schiavo's feeding tube is reinserted and that she goes on as she has through the run-up to Congressional election in 2006.

Terri Schiavo alive, the Republican version of the Chinese curse, May your dreams come true.

The Bastard said...

Jackson: "I said I would only speak if there was nine zeros in front of that one on the check, now make it happen, cracker!"