Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Couldn't the Republicans find a better way to spend 100 Million Dollars?

With all the shit goin' down, why are W, Rove and Co. having their friends spend 100 million dollars on pushing their Social Security reform ideas down our throats?

I am wondering, how much, if any of that 100 Mil will be derived from US Tax Payer Dollars?

I don't have any flashMedia expertise, but I am sure we will find a grass roots way to knock down this Goliath.

From Move on:

The Republicans are running a $100 million public relations blitz to convince Americans to privatize Social Security. Paying for private accounts would require benefit cuts for future retirees—with younger workers hit the hardest—while gutting a sound program and burdening the next generation with trillions in debt. All this to line the pockets of the Republicans' friends on Wall Street, who stand to make millions off the deal.

Well, we don’t need $100 million dollars because we have the creativity, intelligence, and talent of the American people, who know how to spot a scam and, better yet, know how to expose one in Flash! Hence our latest contest: Bush in 30 Years—A Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam.

End Slice:

Anyone with such skills should have a go. Could be fun. I have this Buffalo Springfield tune running through my brain..."Stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's goin' down..."


Ljly said...

What do you expect from Republicans? I love the blog!

Anonymous said...

How about $1 billion?

When your opponent is spending money on a nag, you want the feed bill to be as large as possible.

Only right-wing talking heads think Social Security ''private accounts'' are going somewhere. Any ''plan'' that could emerge is going to cost big money. Congress doesn't want to run for reelection on a platform of ''Spend and Spend,'' which by any logic is far less responsible than ''Tax and Spend.''