Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Sanctity of Life

Since when has human life been considered sacred to the degree that people in positions of supposed authority are allowed to purport themselves as representatives of god and move people to action simply because they believe in the "sanctity of life?"

Furthermore, why is it that people who hold human life in the sacred continuously disregard the reciprocal sacredness of other lives that they would and do willingly sacrifice for their cause (e.g. military deaths in Iraq heading toward 1600, Civilian Deaths in Iraq uncountable large numbers)?

Actions speak louder than political hot air. The constant elevation of issues through litigious means simply because you don't agree with the outcome is tantamount to going to the mob to inflict real justice on one's enemies. The trotting of Terri Schiavo through the courts over the last 15 years and the rolling of her corpse out through the House and Senate is plain and simply, appalling and at the same time embarrassing.

Assassination is final, yet death is a fact of life. If you truly believe in a benevolent god, perhaps euthanasia would be less of a sin and more of a kind and humanitarian action. Certainly, it is much more humane than murder by lethal injection, electrocution, or firing squad, or for that matter Carpet Bombing an entire City (just ask the folks on Death Row and the fine upstanding citizens in Iraq).

Why is it that the moral outrage is on flagrant display for one poor, unfortunate political football? Where is the outrage for the innocent children in Iraq dismembered by our tax dollar sponsored weapons of mass destruction? Is it simply by the miracle of being born in Florida rather than Baghdad that one deserves more attention and protection? Shouldn't the children and innocent citizens in Iraq and around the globe deserve and equal, or grander, display of protection?

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