Friday, March 25, 2005

Another Somber Post

I was out with the guys last night (a once a month thing) and found out that our friend with Breast Cancer is going to need Chemo-therapy. Her husband said, "its a good news, bad news thing." He proceeded to explain that the tumors they took out were small, and hadn't traveled at all, but (here's the bad news) the work up on the lumps exposed them to be a particularly bad form of cancer.

Thus, she is going to have to endure a month and a half of the stuff. Up side is that, if you can believe this, it won't hurt the fetus. Their daughter is begining to suspect that something is wrong. She said to her dad a few nights back,"Why isn't it Mommy's turn to put me to bed?" They take turns, but lately, Daddy has been doing it a lot to give Mommy her rest.

In the long run, she is going to beat this cancer, but what hell.

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