Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No Matter that it is One Lump or Two if they are Malignant

I was at a gathering of friends last night. Bad news. This is a good news/bad news story where it is challenging to be happy about the good news portion. Friends with a daughter that is a frequent playmate for our older son shared:

Good news - They are pregnant and expecting their second child.

Bad news - Two lumps on a breast were found to be malignant. The extent the Cancer has metastasized is unknown given that they were not able to perform an MRI becuase of the fetus.

Upside: They found it early and the lumps were small.

Downside: Anesthesia could affect both the mother and fetus.

Recommendation: Surgery - lump-ectomy. Follow the lymphnodes to be sure to remove all the cancer. This surgery has a high rate of succes. Happens this friday.

All around, hugs and tears. Just offered to sit their daughter any length of day on Friday should they need the support.

Any other suggestions on how to help when Cancer Hits would be greatly appreciated. This is my first close call with the stuff since my Sister had her thyroid removed about 10 years ago (still cancer free). Although it is not our family that is working through it, these are very close friends and we want to be supportive without being intrusive.

Sorry for the somber post, but thanks in advance for advice.

This a reminder that we are all mortal and politics don't always matter.


MoxieGrrrl said...

Windspike - I'm so sorry to hear. My friend, someone I've known since 6th grade, went through chemo and is just now sporting a cute pixie cut. She's doing well, and she was incredibly strong throughout the whole process. We just made sure we were available to help her with whatever she needed. The very best of luck and lots of hugs...

prying1 said...

Fixing some freezable (luncheon or dinner type) meals for their frige and taking dinners to their house after the surgery. - help with the pre surgery shopping so the frige is not empty. Perhaps even cleaning the frige before hand. Ask at least once a week what to do, be available and be prepared to be inconvenienced.

Sometimes the most you can do is give a hug and just say, "Know that I care.". Let them know that they are not alone through this.

ManicBlu said...

When your available let them know. They may not want to ask. I hope all comes out well.

Marinade Dave said...

There's not much you can do but offer complete support. I try to inject a little humor when I can. Anything that makes a person laugh brings them up. And they know you are there for them, if not in person, then certainly in spirit. My best to your friend. I certainly hope it can be stopped right now.

Thank you for your support for Bud. I pass these messages on to him when I call, which is every day. I am in Orlando, they are now in Houston.