Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogger Comment Posting SNAFU

Okay, I have recieved word that blogger comments are not functioning. I have also had trouble commenting on some friends' blogs who also use Blogger.

Sorry. I am working on fixing it. Sent an Email to blogger support but no reply. I did republish the entire blog, which sometimes takes care of it.

I do apologize. I love getting comments. Please don't be discouraged and come back to comment often.




SheaNC said...

I haven't seen any trouble with them, but that "haloscan" drives me nuts with its 1000-character limit. I've lost a lot of work that way, and it's usually a serious rant!

Anonymous said...

Blogger still sucks

People who have money are jumping ship. Here's one.

The New Belmont Club Site Is Up

It is sad to say goodbye to Blogger. The painfully slow response of the last weeks has gone and it seems its old sprightly self again. If things don't work out on the other site, there's always a home to come back to.

The Sitemeter was at 6,326,000 at the time of abandonment, which was a pretty good run.

The new Belmont Club site is at http://belmontclub.wretchard.com. Alternatively, you can use this url: http://www.wretchard.com/blogs/the_belmont_club/default.aspx See you there!