Monday, March 21, 2005

Activist Judging: In the Eye of the Beholder

With the latest punt by Congress regarding their favorite poor, unfortunate, political football, Terri Schiavo is being used as a shuttle to root out and find Activist Judges that the Reichwingers enjoy.

What it means to be an Activist Judge and whether it is bad, is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Like art and pornography, will we know it when we see it? Or, will the politicos bucking for reelection keep searching about until they find a judge that decides the way their constituents feel?

More tax payer dollars have gone to waste bringing our congressional reps to the fore on a rare and unusual Sunday Session. You would think we were going to war with North Korea.


Vulture 6 said...

You lack of compassion in astounding. hAVe you watched the videos of Terri and her mother?

would you starve a sick puppy to death if it were ill? Even if Terri deserved to have the plug pulled, is FOOD life support? she is not on a machine to make her lungs inflate or her heart pump. she was only getting food.

If starvation is painless and humane should we allow all the littel kids in africa starve to death because they have poor quality of life?

Anonymous said...

A question for Vulture 6

Equating Terri Schiavo's quality of life with the ''poor quality of life'' of starving African children is comparing dustpans and oranges. If you don't see the difference there's something wrong with your powers of observation. And what are you doing about starving children in Africa, or are they just a prop in your Terri Schiavo rescue fantasy?

The question for you is, Have you watched the Schiavo videos? Nothing has changed for her in 15 years.

Responsible people show more compassion putting down a family pet than have the supporters of vegetable life for Terri Schiavo.