Thursday, March 24, 2005

Yahoo! Windsurfing Season has Hit

Finally, the wind gods are with us and the rain has stopped. By the sychronicity of it, I managed to wrangle my dear Mother-in-law to sit the kids and the wind cooperated.

Out for the first time this season: Crissy Field luanch. Winds SW about 18 or so, gusts to about 21 with stronger on the outside. Rigged the 5.4 North XXX, slapped it on the Exocet 85 liter Original Wave. Ripped it up on the outside for about an hour. That's about all I can handle until later in the season and I have burned off the Winter Excess.

I always forget how much fun it is to participate in life and get out on the water rather than be a spectator...which is hard not to be given that the College Hoops sesaon is winding down.

Remember: Shred Until your Dead.

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