Sunday, March 13, 2005


How fast can you run 400 meters?

Surfing the web today and found that some 19 year old kid running for Florida bested Michael Johnson's world best by .06 seconds...which is a lot at that rate of speed.


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Kerron Clement has struck down a world record held for a decade by one of the greats of track and field. And he's only 19. The Florida sophomore seemed as surprised as everyone else when he ran 44.57 seconds at the NCAA Indoor track and field championships Saturday night, breaking the mark of 44.63 set by Michael Johnson in 1995.


SheaNC said...

Hello, Windspike, I happened by after having appreciated your comments over at Ken G's "common sense" blog. I enjoy your blog and your ideas here; I'll visit more often to keep up.

Now, as far as the actual topic is concerned... I am fat and slow, but I have a nimble imagination. That should count for something, dammit. And, while I might not run fast, I can wheeze loudly and stop suddenly.

windspike said...


No worries, I am sure your nimble imagination takes you places the new record holder will never go. It does count for a lot.

Myself, I can't remember the last time I ran a flat out 400 meters. Last marathon I trained for I was working on even splits and hitting something like 75 second quarters. Substantially slower than 44.

JD said...

Must be due to global warming. less air density!