Sunday, April 10, 2005

Windsurfing Report

Great day today. Started out on the 5.4 launched from Crissy Field. Headed up wind surprisingly well with my new 25 cm fin (Freewave, prepreg carbon fiber) from Maui Fin Works. Even against the flood tide. Got to the bridge and the waves were fun and mild at Fort Point. Then started the usual flukiness at the turn of the tides, so I headed back to the beach. Sure enough with the ebb came super wind. Of course, I was too tired to hang on for very long with gusts above 30 knotts. And, I had rigged too big a sail for that kind of wind. Really, I got blown off the water and had to pack it in for fear of getting my butt kicked on the outside. Better to sail safe so I can sail another day.

Yesterday was a bit of a downer, comparitively. Had the same set up, but the wind never cranked up. Got off the water in under an hour, which is not a good day in my book. But the wind came back today and I am thoroughly whooped. Off to bed for this happy camper.

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