Monday, April 11, 2005

Street Protests are Folly for the Disenfranchised

I had another one of those moments - surfing different blogs and came up with a comment that would be a suitable post. Check out Moxie Grrrll for a post relating a interview with someone who was posted at Abu Ghrab for a bit.

Here's my comment:

Thanks for the update. I hadn't seen the interview, but frankly, I am not surprised in any way. The atrocities of the actions of war criminals are always hienous. But if those folks happen to be on the winning side, they never get prosocuted for their crimes.

As to the disaffected youth, make that all of placated, plump, supersized America. The folks who protested the Vietnam Conflict are still alive, but they remain silent.

The downside is that protest really doesn't work. If we all really didn't believe in the work of W, Rove and Co. we would just simply not send in our taxes. Or just staple our tax returns together with short note to the President saying, "Dear Mr. Bush. Don't use my tax money to kill innocent Iraqi citizens. Thank you."

That aught to snarl up the works a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Monkeywrenching the IRS: bad idea

The bureaucrats at the IRS are just doing their job. If you so much as write an innocuous note on your tax return, ''You have too much of my money,'' you could end up in deep do-do. Give them, and yourself, a break. Protest via your elected representatives, that's what they're there for.