Friday, April 29, 2005

I Agree with the President

Last night as I reviewed the text of W's speech/Q&A, I found a number of points that I can agree with. The idea of advancing fuelcell technology is one.

But then I flash back to the one night I was watching him on television (which I didn't do last night as I was grading papers for my course) and he gravely announced we were going to carpet bomb Iraq because there were Weapons of Mass Destruction, and likely they would trickle into the hands of terrorists via Saddam. I believed him then, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking, "hey, he must have a whole lot more information than we are able to digest, and this, while a tough decision, must be based on some high quality intelligence."

Of course, we have all been misled. So, every time I find myself thinking, "hey, perhaps W is onto something," I can't get past the fact that there were no WMD and that there is now more terrorist activity than before.

Can someone help me to trust the president again? I can't get past this. Given our shared history, why should we trust this man at this point in time?

Incidentally, there is a whole other post that could go on here about how the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine cut away from the whole of the press conference - and there is more to the thing than the bullet points the media outlets distilled for us. See post below.

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Casey said...

I'd say it was just a mistake on Bush's part and the "not" wasn't there. It is the famous mispeaking prez.

Freudian slip anyone?