Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weekend Windsurfing Report

Okay, so I wimped out and didn't jump in at Ocean Beach. Waves were too washed out and hairy, with bigger ones on the horizon. The breeze was about 4.7-able, but too on shore to make it easy to get out over the break. There was one or two guys out with more to follow - and one really good local named Jeff riding a 5.0 and an 85 liter board. He was very good and had no trouble. There is something to be said for experience and lcoal knowledge.

Anway, I tooled over to Crissy and dropped in with the 85 liter board and the 5.4 square meter sail. Big fin. Flood tide all afternoon but I was able to make it up to Fort Point, but there wasn't much of a wave to be found bending around the point. Alas, it was a beautiful day and the sun was out and because it wasn't super cranking, there were only two to four guys out there as they came up wind to take a look.

Missed yesterday as my second son turned one on Friday and the party was Saturday afternoon. It was a good time, but that left no room for windsurfing.

Any day on the water is better than not.


Fitness is "a side benefit," said 57-year-old Susie McGuire of San Diego. "Being in the water is uplifting. It's better than Prozac and beats any antidepressant on the market."

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