Saturday, April 02, 2005

Windsurfing Report: Clasisc Day at Crissy

Today qualifies as a full blown Classic Crissy Field day. If you didn't have fun out there today, you had your carbon fiber mast stuck too far up your rear end.

Wind is still cranking with gusts to 29 as I type. I rigged my 4.7 square meter sail, but could have used the 4.2 up underneath the bridge (Golden Gate). Strapped it onto the 85 liter board (small 21cm fin) and went for it.

All the way up at the North Tower, very large rollers (rolling waves), about the size of a small sized fry shack (or a sugaring house for those of you in maple sap season). Breaking near Ft. Point. Got there, and was too tired to risk the breakers, so I stayed in the rollers for a while. Surfed em. Spent an hour on the water, and as I was pulling back into the beach, lots of folks were still rolling in from prior obligations to rig and go.

Big smiles all around as this cowboy has been sicker than a dog for almost a full week. Second Day on the water for yours truly.

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