Saturday, April 23, 2005

Updated Blog Roll

In case you didn't notice, I wanted to point out that I have cleaned up my blog roll by deleting the people I don't visit very often or at all anymore. The blogs now listed are vibrant and viable. No dead links.

Also, I am looking for other great blogs out there to blog roll. Thus, if you were only able to view one blog a day - every day for a month (besides yours) which would it be and why?

I am currently watching Porquoi Pas, God Dem, Bring it on, and the Right Wing Nut. Open to suggestions, but not spam.


Anne said...

That's tough - just one! (And I like how you say "not mine", cause obviously I visit all 4 of mine nearly every day.) I see you already have "Sisters Talk" which would be at the top of my list.

I think I'd go with "The Daily Bitch". But, really, it would be a difficult choice!

On my Rambles blog, I have a rotating list of "20 Better Blogs" - if you look at the complete list (link at the bottom), there are probably about 40 or more that I visit most days. I also visit the top 15 or so on my "Advice" blog reader's list!

Ken Grandlund said...

Glad to see that I made the cut. I like to visit this site:

as it is usually thought provoking in different and unique ways.