Friday, April 22, 2005

Another page from the Rove Playbook

It happened again...I was making a comment over on the Cranky Liberal and decided the comment would make a worthy post. I believe my comment can stand alone, but in concert with Cranky, it becomes a more powerful dialog. I suggest you take a look at the Crankster's post from today and then come on back to review my comment:

Here's my comment (which you could see also on the Crankster's post):

Sun Tzu also murdered the favorite mistress of his employer to make a point. You do have a point. The huddled masses have actually no clue what is going on in congress and would rather not have to think about it becuase they have been anethestitized by the Mass Media Propaganda Machine. When they are done working two or three jobs, there isn't much energy left to fight the reichwing who are well endowed to continue doing what they do best. The trouble is that Rove is so good at what he does that most of us have no clue what we are paying him (taxpayer bux pay his salary) to do. The reichwingers are simply following the playbook of the master.

If we adopt those tactics, we then sink to their level. And when you select to lie down with the dogs, you too, will get fleas.

As to where that leaves us, on the ethical and moral high road, I suppose that makes us look self righteous and again, another black mark is set against us for the reichwing is very good at taking very postive attributes (intellectual, activist) and making them sound oh so very bad.

Let's vote the bastards out in 06. Aside from faxing or calling your congressional rep, is there much else we really can do?

Hope, dare I say pray? As our President today goes to the National Parks to display his prowess as our "environmental" president and gets set to sign legislation that encroaches on the ANWR, the average person takes a look at the still images and is fooled yet again..remember the aircraft carrier landing with the "mission accomplished" banner. If the perception is that it is true, then that is all that matters for the spin miesters in W, Rove and Co.

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