Tuesday, April 26, 2005

North Korea - Alive and Kicking

I had to post this as I really liked the header: North Korea, 6, Bush, 0. Unfotunately, the story is very distressing. I am quite surprised the fear mongers of W, Rove and Co aren't pushing this SouthEast Asian front a bit, but then again, it would make them look bad...which is contrary to their modus operandi.


Here's a foreign affairs quiz:

(1) How many nuclear weapons did North Korea produce in Bill Clinton's eight years of office?

(2) How many nuclear weapons has it produced so far in President Bush's four years in office?

The answer to the first question, by all accounts, is zero. The answer to the second is fuzzier, but about six.

The total will probably rise in coming months, for North Korea has shut down its Yongbyon reactor and says that it plans to extract the fuel rods from it. That will give it enough plutonium for two or three more weapons.

The single greatest failure of the Bush administration's foreign policy concerns North Korea. Mr. Bush's policies toward North Korea have backfired and led the North to churn out nuclear weapons, and they have also antagonized our allies and diminished America's stature in Asia.

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