Saturday, April 02, 2005

Enjoy Heaven, if that's where you're going

Pope is gone. Nice little bit at another blog I found on BE. No tears here.


pia said...

Hi Windspike
Interesting post. I can't say anything because I'm not Catholic but can I start telling Polish jokes again?

My family was of Polish descent when we wanted to tell jokes and of Russian descent when we wanted to be classy.

Thanks for your great comments. Wasn't answering because I'm self absorbed, shallow and vain.

No I was away, sick and had a sick computer with me--but we won't tell her because she thinks she's well and functional.

Will be back soon

Andy Dabydeen said...

I'm sure if a comprehensive scorecard was done on the late Pope, he won't be heading anywhere near heaven. Now the ruminative shake-down starts to see who's going reign over Catholics on Earth. It'd be interesting to see the job description and more interesting to know why God isn't qualified for the post.

BTW ... thanks for the comment.

Mike said...

And thanks for the referral.

Mike @ LEFT is RIGHT