Saturday, April 23, 2005

Do the Republicans Think They Will be the Majority Forever?

With a fair number of "high" powered politicians (including one Dick we know) flapping their gums about fillabuster, you would think that the reichwingers feel like they are going to be in the majority in perpetuity.

Perhaps they might like to do a little more protection of minority rights than squandering the built in safeguards that keep the majority from tredding all over the minority for the time when they are no longer our "moral" majority.

Don't Tred On Me.


Vice President Dick Cheney plunged the White House into the judicial confirmation battle on Friday by saying he supported changing the Senate rules to stop the Democrats from blocking judicial nominees and would, if needed, provide the tie-breaking vote.

..."If the Senate majority decides to move forward and if the issue is presented to me in my elected office as president of the Senate and presiding officer, I will support bringing those nominations to the floor for an up-or-down vote," he said. "On the merits, this should not be a difficult call to make."

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic minority leader, responded by accusing Mr. McConnell of bluffing and President Bush of lying.

"Last week, I met with the president and was encouraged when he told me he would not become involved in Republican efforts to break the Senate rules," Mr. Reid said in a statement, referring to a breakfast held between President Bush and Congressional leaders. "Now it appears he was not being honest, and that the White House is encouraging this raw abuse of power."

End Slice:

Perhaps the W, Rove and Co. should consider appointing new people rather than rehashing the last week's cassarole for the courts. These folks have green mold growing all over them. With the number of lawyers out there, I am sure they can find some new candidates to consider rather than change some longstanding and very useful tools that do indeed prevent the tyranny by majority.

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Sar said...

I'm reminded of the comment Terri Schiavo's brother-in-law made to the media. He said (not verbatum) that the politicians were acting like big babies; they didn't get their way and now they continually want a "do over" (ie climing up the court circuit, defeat after defeat).

I guess you could say changing the rules to suit your personal cause (and more specifically to save your own ass) is even more agregious than a "do over", but they're still big babies nonetheless.