Saturday, April 23, 2005

Do They Still Hate Us?

Yup...I suppose bombing the crap out of Iraq is not the best way to win friends and influence people.


"I will not apply for death," Mr. Moussaoui said. "I will fight every inch against the death penalty."

Judge Brinkema, a soft-spoken judge who has been in charge of the case from the start, offered evidence of familiarity with him and his habits as she questioned him closely about whether he fully understood the implications of his plea. She flattered him with compliments on his sophistication about the law, and added that Mr. Moussaoui, who has advanced business degrees from a college in England, "is extremely intelligent with a better understanding of our legal system than some of the lawyers who have appeared in court."

Mr. Moussaoui told her, "I know I cannot expect any leniency from the Americans."

As marshals led him out, Mr. Moussaoui shouted: "Allah akhbar! God curse America!"

End Slice:

Just a short question to get the dialog rolling: Is his god the same god we worship?


SheaNC said...

Do They Still Hate Us? Yup. And, sadly, they and their descendents will go on hating us long after the current gang of neocons has passed away.

Sar said...

Windspike - that's a very probative question and one I've also pondered.

It's also another example of Bush administration hypocracy. As part of their Neochristian-driven efforts, they strive to block stem-cell research and the right for folks like Terri Schiavo to die.

And having demonstrated he'll go so far as to attempt policy reform based on his personal beliefs in God, is it not hypocritical for Bush to then turn around and try to "save" the Iraqi's from the oppression he perceives which, in many cases, is merely an outward reflection of their personal beliefs in God? Like women wearing burkas, for example. These women wear them with pride, but because it's not a fundamental expression of faith in Christianity, it's perceived as oppressive to women. There are much bigger things to worry about in Iraq (thanks to Bush & Co).

We desparately need an influential leader who embodies understanding and compassion. Is the US capable of ever abandoning partisonship in favor of strong yet truly compassionate leadership?

I may be in the minority, but I think there's at least a fighting chance if Barrack Obama were elected. I know, another topic altogether, but I wish the rest of the nation would grow the fuck up and accept the notion of a black president.