Saturday, April 09, 2005

Typical! Sub Title: We Get What You Voted For

Unfortunately, not all of us voted for the current administration, and the "majority" (however infinitesimal the margin of victory was) opinion left us with W, Rove and Co.

Typical opperating proceedure for W, Rove and Co = Say one thing, and then do everything to undermine the ability of anyone to move positively on it.


The Bush administration pays lip service to the goal of "ending chronic homelessness" - while undermining the very programs that keep poor people from ending up in the streets. The Housing and Urban Development Department is proposing unreasonable cuts in federal subsidies, which would make it harder for underfinanced housing authorities to keep their developments livable and safe. And a proposal in Congress would make it harder for the poor to get rental subsidies from Section 8, the public-private partnership that underwrites rents for nearly two million of the country's low-income families and encourages builders to develop affordable housing.

This meat-ax approach has to stop. Congress needs to understand that poor people won't just disappear when the housing that serves them dries up.

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SheaNC said...

I wonder how many people who receive aid that has been cut, or is proposed to be, voted for Bush.