Sunday, April 24, 2005


Got skunked this weekend on the windsurfing front. Little opportunty given the number of strom fronts moving through the area.

Folks were out on Friday for about a two hour window when the gusts were ratcheting upwards of 40 knotts. The few people I knew who were on the water said it was, "hell, like a machine gun - spitting at you one minute and the next, no wind."

Regardless, I didn't make it out given the spouse broke a promise to come home from work early and relieve me of the parenting responsibilities. Alas, the boys and I had fun post nap playing with trains, drums and a whole mess of other toys.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with high rain clouds and rain, but never relized the clearing winds that usually follow storm fronts out of the bay, even after it got sunny in the late afternoon.

Harumph, no sailing which makes for a very grumpy dad...maybe next weekend.

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