Monday, September 26, 2005

There are Expenses, and Then There's Debt

Which would you rather have: A) those alive today, pithcing in and help pay clean up the Katrina and Rita aftermath, or perhaps b) borrowing on those yet unborn Americans that will be saddled with an ever increasing debt caused by the actions of the W, Rove and Co?

There is a C) killing numerous social and government programs in order to make up the difference between what we have and what we don't to cover the cost - but we see how the levees in New Orleans were done a disservice by such manuvers. I don't think option C is a viable one.

Slice from a Move On email:
The cost of rebuilding the Gulf Coast, while huge, is far less than what President Bush has given away in tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent.2 National crises like Hurricanes Rita and Katrina are times for all Americans to stick together and put in our fair share.

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pia said...

Apparently Bush didn't think the lives of people killed in New Orleans was worth his time

We have already seen the costs of not putting money into social services--Newt and his contract.

After 9/11 programs had to be together in a hurry,and we never learn