Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shrub to Resign Tonight

Wouldn't it be nice and refreshing if the Prez steps up tonight and says, "I fucked it up. It's time for some one with a clue on how to fix it to step up to the plate. Thus, I and my entire first tier of this administration are turning in our resignations to the American people; effective immediately."

A friend pointed me to an artilce that was a fun read today. Don't hold your breath on the forthcoming resignation, however:
The president will address the nation tonight from the Gulf Coast. He will probably repeat what he said the other day: That he takes "full responsibility" for what went wrong with the federal response to Katrina. The obvious follow-up question: Does this mean he will resign?

...What would be refreshing is if the president could be honest and say, directly to the American people, "I blame my staff. They gotta tell me what's going on. I'm running a war, I got economy stuff goin' on, I'm packing the Supreme Court, you name it, plus I'm on vacation half the time, so I just can't be expected to know about every breeze blowing off the Gulf..."


Ranando said...

It would be nice, a dream come true.

pia said...

Right. the same president who won't put Rove on leave let alone fire him

Dream on, Windspike!