Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bursting Buttons on My Vest

Big Brother, yes my Big Brother - one of the persons that inspired my starting this blog, is receiving a Bronze Star for some of his work in Iraq. No matter what you think of the Iraq war, the mission is still producing heroes and providing, unfortunately, copious opportunities for heroic action.

My brother is modest and wasn't going to tell anyone, but his spouse called us up to fill in the details. That said, we didn't get any details on the actual rationale for the award. I asked my brother why he was getting it and he said, at first, it was for putting up with me all these years. I said, well, shoot, then I should be getting one for putting up with him. Joking aside, he did say that he would have to wait and see what the citation says, but they don't just hand these things out like candy at a birthday party for five year olds. He said, really, he did some things that were pretty dangerous and where he was getting shot at directly, but he didn't say more. When my brother declines to comment about things he has seen in Iraq and other parts (for we never really know where he goes when he goes away), I've learned its because he is shielding us from horrors we really don't want to know (e.g. when he did his tour in the First Bush War, he actually saw the killing fields on the road from Kuwait to Iraq). So, I don't ask - this is a bit more honorable don't ask, don't tell policy, I think.

Anyway, I am still a bit flabbergasted that my brother will be getting the Bronze Star. The buttons are bursting off my vest. And, I remain humbled by the work of our troops here, there, and everywhere. Glad they're on our side.


Jet said...

I'm glad your brother is receiving such an honor, Wind. Supporting troops entails a ying-yang whirl of emotions; fearfulness for their safety, amazement for their bravery, sorrow that they see what they see, horror that humanity still hasn't figured out how to get along.

God bless your brother. I hope he comes safely home soon.

windspike said...


Thanks for the comment and astute observation. My brother, indeed, is out of Iraq at this point. His service there lasted many months (some beyond the original tour). He's one of the lucky ones - not injured or killed in this wacky illegitimate "war."