Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Final Thoughts for the Day

If not being prepared for the response to the Katrina disaster wasn't bad enough, has anyone heard about any legal beagles doing pro bono types of work down in the NOLA area? Lots of potential clients down there. No doubt, many a lawyer is salavating for the chance to represent this class action suit - more than likely it won't be pro bono but for a cut of the settlement.

Two numbers are going to be critically important over the long-term in the Katrina situation. 1) the number killed by the storm, and 2) the number killed after the storm from the lack of response.

In the end, the army of litigious lawyers could begin filing an endless stream of wrongful death suits against the government all they way up to the top of the house of cards. And, that will break our giant piggy bank - leading to a seriously bad economic climate. I don't mean to sound like a doomsday gloomy prognosticator, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mounting legal storm is going to be more like an avalanche.

No wonder the W, Rove and Co. bought themselves more time in making a nomination for the SCOTUS by bumping up Roberts. They want to find someone who will make sure that the Bush family (and his many cronies) is (are) not hurt in this matter.

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