Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A House of Cards Usually Tumbles from the Bottom Up

This is the first report I have heard of the legal system engaging in a fixing some of the Katrina situation. No doubt, the W, Rove and Co. house of cards will tumble by it's own failures, unraveling under a tumult of legal challenges, wrongful death suits, and the like. While a house of cards usually tumbles when a small, seemingly insignificant piece falls, an avalanche starts with the smallest of vibrations. Let's hope the whole country does not founder as the legal dominos fall.
The owners of a nursing home where 34 people were found dead after Hurricane Katrina have been arrested and charged with 34 counts of negligent homicide for not evacuating those patients, the Louisiana attorney general's office said on Tuesday.
P.S. I do apologize for all the mixing of metaphors (okay, you're right, they are cliches), but it was fun to write.

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Anonymous said...

''They're coming for you mama ... ''

Talk about an overzealous prosecution.

Who is the AG going after next, the Army Corps of Engineers, the hundreds of levee authorities, the Mayor of NOLA, the manufacturers of the pumps that (obviously) failed to keep the city dry, the engineers who designed the pumps, the builder of the nursing home for building below sea level, G W Bush (he did say he was 'responsible')?

Blame is not a scarce resource. There's always enough blame to go around.