Monday, September 05, 2005

On the Verge

The first 10K were harder than the second. Coming up on 20K hits. Check the site meter in the right hand side and let us know if you are the magical 20K hit, and the fame will follow.


Martian Anthropologist said...

Damn. I'm 5 away! :)

Anonymous said...

19,999, dammit, so close!


windspike said...

Dear NedHead,

No one claimed the 20K location. Given that my site meter says we are now at 20,003,by right of proximity, you win. Please head to the front of the line and collect your 15 minutes of fame - or at least, you are famous to fifteen people.

By the way, am I the only one out there that thinks Nedhead needs to start an actual blog. I love the comments and keep them coming, but indeed, some of your insights could fit well in your very own "nedhead dot blogsopt" somewhere! I'd visit, and maybe even blogroll you.

blog on, friends, blog on.

Anonymous said...

By golly windspike, thanks for the compliment. Am I required to provide words of inspiration for those that will follow? Should I gaze upon all those posts that came before me and raise my opinion on the alter of the blogsphere? Or should I return to work and play catch-up?

Unfortunately, the various blogs that I visit are my muse. I rely on your words to inspire my tremendously witty and sage posts. Or, more appropriately and to those who know me, - bullshit.

If I may turn this into a love fest, I wish to compliment you on your blog. You consistently provide cerebral, and concisely worded (imperative in this world of data influx), posts. kudos, you are the wind beneath my wings!

windspike said...

I feel the wind blowing up my shorts! Thanks for the lift Nedhead! I have two ideas for names for your blog - should you choose to accept this assignment (your screen will self distruct 43 seconds after you read this post) - It could be "Bullshit" at blogspot dot com or it could be "The Commentator" at blogspot dot com. Both would allow you to just do what you ordinarily do and then just cut and past the juicy bits at your location. Not knowing the various sites you visit, perhaps exposing us all to the different locations you frequent will be edifying enough a blog to get some traffic.

Oh, and to answer your real question, perhaps you really aught focus on work. It does pay the bills, no?