Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meanwhile, on My AM Run...

You really can't make this stuff up. I started out midway past six AM for my Sunday Long Run. Headed down a vacant street - the one with the stores all closed up awaiting ten AM. Low about one mile in, I spotted a flock of mods (you know, youths dress like they live in the 80s mixed up with hairstyles from the 60s - moptops). Six or a half dozen clogging up the sidewalk like they own it, weaving - perhaps drunk.

So, I slunk out to the street - no cars there anyway and slip back on my usual path just ahead of the boisterous group. And I hear hoots and shouts - and quite surprisingly, they encourage one of their flock to tag along for about two blocks. I look back. One tall, shaggy blonde kid with a fez (yes, a fez) comes sauntering up. I waive him up. This is our conversation:

Me - What's up?

Fez - We've been up all night.

Me - Oh?

Fez - Been snorting coke all night. I don't usually do that, but...(gasp for air)

Me - Oh.

Fez - You get a lot of sleep last night?

Me - well, the kids woke us up about twice last night.

Fez - How many you got?

Me - Two.

Fez - Oh.

Me - I'm going for an hour or hour and a half. Glad to have your company. Don't get too many takers this early. How far you going?

Fez - Oh. To the corner and then slowly make my way back.

Me - (by that time, we had made it to the corner) See ya later (shaking his hand - it was limp, no calluses - like a man of leisure).

Fez - stops, wheezes over, hands onto his knees.

So, Fez occupied a large part of my thinking over the course of the run through the park and trails. The only cogent thought I came up with is that the youth of today have way too much disposable income if they can afford to stay up all night snorting coke. On second thought, they have a fine role model in the Whitehouse, no? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

They're children, give them a break!

Your problems begin when you can no longer outrun them.

Their problems begin when the realize they can't outrun you.