Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Color of Change

I had asked a simliar question a while back, but it deserves repeating. If Katrina hit Boca Raton, Fl instead of the poorest portion of our fair country, would the response have been as negligent? Here's an intersting group that bloggers out there might like to support and even join:

Our sisters and brothers were left behind to die, because no one answers to them.

It's time to stand together and make a change.

Politicians ignore poor Black folks because they can't make big donations or deliver votes. And, to be real: a whole lot of "us" have tip-toed out of the hood and left them behind too, making our folk invisible even to us.

But they weren't invisible after Katrina hit. The media showed us faces we recognize—people who look like us, who work, who have families. We saw survivors, not "looters." We saw folks who remind us of ourselves, doing whatever they had to do to make it, refusing to die.

But it shouldn't have been like that.

This government NEVER would have left rich, white people to die like that.

If there were ever a time to step up, that time is now.

We are asking 250,000 African-Americans and concerned allies to make a commitment. To ensure that our brothers and sisters are protected, and that they are never left behind again. To make sure that our folks in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have a chance to be a major part of the rebuilding effort, and that they are given a chance to thrive. To ensure that Bush cannot use this crisis as yet another way to fatten the pockets of his friends and supporters, and further erode our government's support for those that need it the most.

No matter what your race or income level, you know what you saw was wrong.

We are Black people calling out to every race and hue to stand against this injustice. Let's all become the color of change.

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