Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More on the Brownie Folly - Subtitle: Brownie's the Perfect Scapegoat

It seems as though there is a large amount of sychronicity and serendipity involved in the posting regarding the Failures of Mr. Brown (sounds like an appropriate movie title, no?). Found that QT posted about this and I replied over at that location as follows:
Independently, many folks have come to the same conclusions about the utter incompetence of this man. Then, I got to thinking. What if Rove et al. had ultimately made it difficult for Brownie to do "a heckuva job," drumming up the list of failures for which they could fire this man, thereby making him the perfect scapegoat for the reprehensible governmental response on all levels - thus, turning the fingers away from vacationaing presidents toward local officials. Ah, but that would have taken o - three to five days to dream up...which by the way, was about how long it took W to get off his vacation and back on the job.

File this under things that make you go hummm....

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