Friday, September 23, 2005

Launching Pad to Greatness

Jimmy Carter is still the only president to use the position as a launching pad to bigger and better things. Let's hope his orchestrated bi-partisan election reform measures recieves more traction.
With 87 recomendations, at least a handful should be initiated, no?
WE agreed to lead the Commission on Federal Election Reform because of our shared concern that too many Americans lack confidence in the electoral process, and because members of Congress are divided on the issue and busy with other matters.

This week, we issued a report that bridges the gap between the two parties' perspectives and offers a comprehensive approach that can help end the sterile debate between ballot access and ballot integrity. Unfortunately, some have misrepresented one of our 87 recommendations. As a result, they have deflected attention from the need for comprehensive reform.

If you are curious as to what those recomendations are, and wish to view the whole report, here's the link.

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