Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Did you Ever Wonder Why...

No, this is not an Andy Rooney sketch. Just been thinking about the disparity between the rich and poor lately. A question popped into my head on my AM run. Have you ever wondered why we have spent so much money on airport security over other forms of security (or at the expense of say, strengthening levees in NOLA)? Perhaps, it's becuase mostly rich folks fly on a regular basis and the poor are left to fend for themselves?

The epiphany? Perhaps the whole expense and the largess that the W, Rove and Co. has lavished all over the Department of Homeland Security was a complete and utter failure. Proof? NOLA response: Q.E.D. Perhaps the monies distributed to the Homeland Security Office could have been better spent on, say, strengthening levees in NOLA?

Does anyone else feel safer for the existence of the DHS?

Not me, sad to say.

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nedhead said...

You know, you pose an interesting question. Is it really about where we are spending our money? Is about protecting one major investment over another? Were should we spend the money?

I think it is programed in us to be fatalistic about mother nature, more so than elements controlled by humans (i.e. flooding by hurricane or death by winged aluminum rocket). So spending money to give a sense of protection in the airports (i.e. to prevent human mischief) vs. repairing a levee is an acceptable trade-off to many. If humans, as a rule, were truly conscientious about our habitat, explain why so many of our cities are located in such wonderful locals as below sea level, on top of faults or within the shadow of a volcano (just returned from Naples Italy, very interesting to drive around a volcanoes crater... dumb Italians).

I absolutely concur that the HSO failed miserably in its first test. Gee whiz, surprise, surprise, the largest bureacracy this world has seen couldn't find is own ass with two hands and a flashlight. Now what?