Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Weekend Windsurfing Report

Finally got on the water after trying on Saturday with no luck. Sunday was a flukie day with up and down winds for about 45 mins before the wind kicked over and gave me a solid hour of sailing on the 5.4 and the 85 liter board. Big fin to go with the flood tide kept me up wind fairly well. Trouble was that there was not much wind further up against the flood.

Monday was a nice day, but late. Lots of cook out fragrences wafting about. Didn't get on the water until 4:15 and that turned out to be for the better. Still a big sail and big fin day, but the wind was solid for the full hour and got increasingly better over time. I sailed for about an hour and fifteen minutes to make it back home from the family dinner - ribs, corn on the cob, potatos, etc..nice way to round out the three day weekend.

The water on both days was mainly flat, a little choppy on the inside, but super glassy on the outside due to the flood. That's the usual set up. No waves, but the crystal clear, bright skies make for a wonderful day on the water.

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