Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This is Why I Love America

Okay, so just because practicing yoga in the buff is NOT for me, hey, if you're up for it, they are doing it in San Francisco. At least you don't have to spend a great deal of cash on gear.


Some fitness fads require sporty gear and equipment, but the practice of yoga requires only the bare essentials: loose clothes, a mat and time to do the exercises. The latest trend in yoga requires even less. We're not talking about aqua yoga, done in a pool, or disco yoga, set to dance tunes, or "boga," boxing yoga, done with gloves.

No, a San Francisco community center is offering naked yoga, where bare essentials means just that: Men and women are completely nude during the 90- minute class.

This is not the invention of "naked yoga guy" George Monty Davis, who made headlines last year for (legally) striking naked yoga poses at Fisherman's Wharf, nor a "hot nude yoga" class for gay men, popular in Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles, or in any way connected to Internet-sold videos of voluptuous women doing naked yoga on wave-washed beaches with horses galloping by.

No, the new naked yoga class on Sunday mornings at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center on Folsom Street is meant to be transforming, not titillating. That's a concept that American culture, with its taboos on nudity, might find difficult to grasp. The center, which opened 10 months ago, was founded by Nicole Daedone, also a co-founder of 111 Minna Gallery. It offers dance classes and massage, has a small cafe and an art gallery, and hosts various events.

End slice:

After sweating it up with your naked friends, do you have to put your clothes to get yourself a nice hot foamy latte?

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