Saturday, May 21, 2005

Problems for Today, not Solutions for Tomorrow's Potential Problems

Just where is our president's head? The man is truly concerned about things of little consequence. Perhaps he has watched one to many episodes of Lucas' (or not enough) Star Wars.

What about homelessness - poverty - hunger - schools falling down around the children - things we can fix today, and tomorrow, going forward into the future?

Why does he continually use issues that may or may not be (can you predict the future?) to obfuscate about truly troubling situations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, hooded prisoners naked and tortured?

These are all things that he has the power to fix, today, if not tomorrow. How about stepping in to stop the congressional irresponsible behavior wasting taxpayer dollars arguing about filibusters when they should be working on fixing the growing deficits and other more troubling issues like the gradual erosion of personal liberty across the board?

Why doesn't he simply replace some of the more contentious judicial nomanies in favor of others that wouldn't require such steadfast resistance? Afterall, these folks were blocked last term. Isn't that a hint that perhaps he needs to choose other folks. That would get congress moving forward as opposed to being in stalled mode.

What about rising gasoline prices and the dependence on foreign oil sources? Why doesn't he pitch a new initiave to mitigate our dependence on fosil fuels in favor of clean and green energy? This could be something to get behind now, today, and it would create new jobs in a whole new class of occupations. Our Nation could lead again - instead we are getting beat to the punch by Japan and other countries more invested in invention of solar technologies. Like JFK starting the Peace Corps on the steps of the University of Michigan Union building, Bush could make his mark in a positive way by starting the race to clean and grean energy solitions - rather than a race to Mars or the Moon - this would have real, dramatic and lasting postive affects on a whole range of environmental issues.

This list gets longer as I type and think. No doubt bloggers out there have other problems that need addressing and have concrete suggestions on how we could begin fixing them. Place them in the comments below and we shall see what creative solutions appear.

I say yuck. Time to trade up - let's vote the bastards out...all of them. This could be a find and replace - that is - regardless of party affiliation, let's dump the whole lot of spoiled politicians (the rich-political-"elite") and swap them out for people who actually get some work done as demonstrated by their work and results records.

Rather than real problem solving, and tangible results to real troubling situations, we get more of the same with W, Rove and Co and their ilk:
"I'm very concerned about cloning. I worry about a world in which cloning becomes acceptable." PRESIDENT BUSH


hooey said...

Nice blog Windspike. I, too, have a blog; also a very progressive one.

AtRandom said...

The question is where is your head, probably in a toilet sucking up it’s contents.

Homelessness, of course, only occurs during Republican administrations and the figures are always exaggerated and never reported for example during “Clinton’s” debauched administration.

If Americans are so hungry, why is obesity suddenly the biggest problem in American history. What about honesty. Schools are falling down because people with your “intellectual” skills want to focus on putting condoms on bananas as the primary educational function and you get apopletic over allowing “choice” in schools, but demand “choice” in murdering unborn children.

Yes, it would have been better to leave Afghanistan under Taliban control. We could have had car bombs on the streets of America and women could have continued their serene life of burques and daily beatings at the hands of those tolerant tribes of haters. And certainly, there was no torture at the hands of Saddam and his sick sons whose main pleasures were raping teenaged girls, feeding people through plastic shredders feeding live humans to animals and filling mass graves and gassing mothers and babies. But that wasn’t torture because a dictator did it. Heaven forbid that someone is embarrassed or naked. That’s certainly is infinitely worse than cutting out tongues out, cutting off arms, fingers, penises and testicles or raping girls and women in front of their fathers and husbands. Embarrassment is certainly much worse than those tolerant acts.

Oh Yea, don’t worry about filibusters which are unconstitutional. They aren’t important, you only want to follow the constitution when it fits your biases. And the growing deficits are a direct result of those of your ilk demanding more and more government programs to allow more and more to suck at the teats of Democrat pigs who demand more and more control of every aspect of our lives. And sure, don’t allow an honest up or down vote. That certainly wouldn’t be fair even though the constitution defines that is the way it should be. To hell with the freedom to allow the senators to vote their conscience when it comes to judges. Do you read anything? The judges weren’t blocked, they were threatened with the filibuster, and the Republican’s are finally getting some backbone and forcing dipstick Democrats to follow constitutional law. Senate rules do not trump the constitution!!! It really is that simple and you just don’t have the capacity to understand it.

Why doesn’t someone simply replace “contentious nominees.” It’s called an election. Bush won, don’t you accept that. It is the president’s privilege under the constitution to make the nominations. Then the senate should vote up or down by majority. But Democrats are hiding behind senate rules and for the first time in history filibustering judicial nominees. Don’t you read you ignorant “----.“
Try reading the constitution, at least once.

EROSION OF PERSONAL LIBERTY....what a terminal joke coming from a liberal. You have just about eliminated free speech with your demand for political correctness, college control of every word spoken, confiscation of personal and private property, demands that we kiss the rings of the anointed kings of control like the Clintons.

You’re right! Eliminate oil as a source of power. We can simultaneously destroy our economy. Wouldn't that be a great idea to eliminate the need for oil. Our dependence of fossil fuels are the result of your limited thinking. Try reading my blog “Why we shouldn’t drill in ANWR” so you can see the positive effects of destroying the economic base of America. Wind power, solar power, “sea” power are simply not capable of creating the energy needed to do was we need. Oh, and not nukes, even though they don’t cause greenhouse gasses. Ooooops! I made a mistake they do cause greenhouse gases...steam, or didn’t you know water vapor was a greenhouse gas?

You’re also right about racing to the “Moon” John Kennedy was a terminal idiot. He wasted billions on that joke. Nothing ever came out of it, except a few million new inventions that we currently take for granted in our everyday lives. Might as well eliminate all space exploration and looking to the stars and focus right here on earth and keep our noses in the dirt smelling crap you’re spewing out.

Go ahead, present your solutions to the problems our world faces. Sad thing is that the “solutions” you present in this blog are nothing more than Democrat talking points that are meaningless in the real world but sound good to mind-numbed robots such as yourself.

Your problem is going to be, to present any real solutions to do solve problems. You certainly haven't presented any yet and you’re too stupid to think of anything that can convince voters to vote for your candidates....all you could come up with last time was John Kerry....what a joke.

And again I agree...lets dump the “rich-political-elite” such as John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, John Corzine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Fienstein, Michael Moore, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Barbra Streisand, George Soros, Peter B. Lewis...Never mind. You and your liberal friends haven’t had an original idea since FDR died and he was nothing more than a socialist stooge.

But I rest peacefully because you don’t have any new ideas. All you have is hate speech which you and your currently leader Harry Reid so eloquently use daily. You, to quote Reid, are a “loser.” You lost the election, and your losing the hearts and minds of we Americans, and you haven’t figured out how to change that, thankfully.

windspike said...

Dear Random,

You sound angry. What's up? Do you feel threatened? At what point in my post did you find "hate" speach and "political correctness?"

..."dirt smelling crap?" Fine if you think that, but I would have to disagree with much of your commentary. It sounds like you are pretty much disgruntled with the "liberal" postion and are projecting a large amount of hate and lacing your argument with points that weren't even mentioned in my post. Did I mention John Kerry? Did I suggest we eliminate oil as a source of power? Who's rings did I suggest we kiss?

Why are there no solutions resident in your commentary?

Oh, thanks for pointing out that you "have no new ideas." QED by your own hand typing at your keyboard.

By the way, I don't claim Harry Reid as my leader. I speak for myself and take full responsiblity for the dangerous ideas presented herein.

Like em if you do, present alternatives if you don't, but spitting vitriol out of your keyboard doesn't get us (and the Great Republic, that is the USA) anywhere now does it?

Jet said...

If these many important items were on this adminstrations agenda, they would be pushed. Sadly, this is not the case. This admin is all about stacking the deck so that can retain power and control. The populace be damned; once the pesky barriers erected by democracy are undermined, it's no longer necessary to answer to the voters.

SheaNC said...
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AtRandom said...

Interesting that you think I sound angry because you sound arrogantly ignorant while at the same time sounding patronizing and condescending.

This is what I read from your original post:

Homelessness: President proposes “faith based program”: Liberals scream separation of church and state. No help for the homeless unless paid for by the government.

Poverty: The federal government has spent 7 trillion dollars on social programs since LBJ and according to you we have just as much poverty today as then, so obviously throwing money at it hasn’t “solved” the alleged problem.

Schools falling down: So you’re proposing that the federal government take over funding for all local schools? What was it in that’s 10th amendment again?

Truly troubling situation: It wasn’t troubling to you that Saddam gassed women and children, buried hundreds of thousands in mass graves had an average kill-rate of about 350 persons everyday he was in power. “Out of your sight out of your mind.” You never made a peep about that. But horror of horrors, prisoners naked and embarrassed. I wonder if you can put a guy back together once he’s been through a plastic shredder?
Situations in Iraq and Afghanistan: So you’d rather go back to the days of the Taliban and Saddam and take freedom away from the Afghanis and Iraqis. Glad you weren’t around when Hitler ravaged Europe you probably would have proposed we send him financial aid to see if we could buy him off just like Clinton did with Kim Jong Il. Do you realize that it took America 11 years after the Declaration of Independence before our constitution was approved? Talk to me about that in another 8 years, then I’ll listen.
Stopping Congressional irresponsibility: So you demand that the president become a dictator and tell Congress what to do. Don’t you understand the constitution. It’s Congresses job to make asses of themselves and they do it daily and well, like filibustering judges and dumping on the constitution. But, hey isn’t that also just a tad contradictory because you just complained about the Bush taking the law into his own hands then demand that he exercise unconstitutional power?
Has the power to fix: Again you propose a presidential dictatorship.
Growing deficits: Thanks to trillions of dollars and 60 years of uncontrolled spending brought to us via the Democrats. They even spent the money in the Social Security “Lock Box.”
Wasting taxpayer dollars: You just want to waste it on programs that haven’t worked, but their you’re programs and you’re going to keep them whether they work or not. Go Liberals!!!!!

Erosion of Personal Liberty: Is that like telling us the many things we can’t say such as the “N” word. The “L” word “The “F” word. The “S” word and a host of other words. Where’s George Carlin when you need him.
Then we are ordered to consider the color of a person’s skin, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity andweight and if an employer or school doesn’t follow the dictates to allow special privilege to certain persons over other persons, you’ll put them in jail and fine them. Of course, that’s not discrimination because past wrongs are being righted. Who cares that the people being discriminated against today didn’t commit those past wrongs. It’s OK if liberals are exercising the discrimination, we’re better than those on the right, RIGHT?
Alleged contentious judicial nominees: These nominees don’t require “steadfast resistance.” That is your liberal choice and those you obviously support. Why won’t you allow these judges an up or down vote in the full senate as outlined in the constitution not some backroom of the Democrat party with Ralph Neas dictating everything you do.
Judges blocked last term: That is just a flat out lie. These judges weren’t blocked, they did not receive an up or down vote because of a liberal cabal of extremism. Why are you so afraid to let the senate vote as prescribed. Are you afraid they’ll win.....that’s really it, isn’t it. You know they’ll win if treated fairly. It’s such a dichotomy for you to support “fairness” in affirmative action, but refused to give these judges a fair vote.
Congress moving forward: Who was it again that shut down the senate????? hummmmmmmmmmmm Was it your old friend “Harry Reid” keeping congress from “moving forward.” I keep forgetting that you only want it to move forward if it’s moving forward in the cankerous direction you chose.
Rising gasoline prices and dependence of foreign oil: And whose fault is that...Look in the mirror. You liberals have made sure that we’re dependent. You’ve stopped essentially all drilling in the US and environmentalists have litigated the end to the construction of refineries for 30 years. No wonder, with all the rules for different gasses it’s not worth it to build one anymore. You’ve eliminated the one clean burning fuel and naively cling to the idea that your “green” solutions will suffice, which they won’t. Then you propose wind power that kills birds, solar power which creates a sterilzed wasteland beneath its panels which have “dramatic and lasting” negative environmental impacts. Solar technologies have been around for 40 to 50 years and have not proven feasible. Yet you cling by your finger tips to the dream. Throw money at it, that’ll solve it. Yea right!
I’m not sure what “grean” energy solutions are. But Bush has presented a whole plethora of energy ideas and because they weren’t presented by a liberal they aren’t environmentally friendly. But you also have a problem there because the very people like you who yell the loudest are stopping a wind farm off Nantucket. Their names in case you’re interested, are Walter Cronkite, the ultimate anti-Americanist, and the Kennedy clan who are currently suing to stop that wind farm. Why don’t you get your own guys on board before you start criticizing everybody else.....what’s that acronym’re so good at it.
Rather than a race to Mars: Who is it again who’s racing? So you’re suggesting that we close down research in space, to have a “dramatic” and lasting positive affects on a whole range of environmental issues.” Do you realize how utter contradictory that is. If we learn to live in space, the lessons we learn there can be applied here on they have been for many years starting by the race to the Moon. But I forget you hate Kennedy for proposing that debacle. He was a rather stupid man after that what you’re saying?
“Let’s vote the bastards out.” Again you have a serious problem. You haven’t proposed anything that is in the real world. And you certainly haven’t been able to convince enough people that you have anything worth voting for. But that’s the American Way, and you’re still a “loser.”
And to SheaNC:
So now people who are conservative are an angry mob, not people who voted for another view point. It was the right that has labeled conservatives and Bush: Nazis and Hitler. It is the right that has a site showing a picture of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist blowing up the capitol building. That is the sum total of your hypocrisy. I bet you don’t think that’s as evil as it comes. That, from you wonderfully tolerant haters on the left. Hey, keep it up and we’ll pick up another 5 seats in the senate and 10 to 12 in house. Thanks for helping!!!

SheaNC said...

edited for clarity

Windspike, you're so prolific, it's hard to keep up! All great material, though... I'll get around to some commenting this weekend :)

I too have noticed a strange emphasis of this government on issues that seem unimportant. Gay marriage - big-government intrusion into peoples' lives, contrary to republican rhetoric. Exploration of Mars - cool, but not critical. On the other hand, as you point out, Bush could be addressing really imporant issues that effect people's lives, such as government waste and pork-barrel spending. That's a bipartisan issue that has been overdue for a review for a hundred years or more. As much as I would like to colonize Mars, I would rather see a president spend that energy correcting the corruptions that exists in government. But Bush can't do that - because he is among the most corrupt of all. Also, two weeks' worth of full news coverage of gay marriage distracts viewers from the quiet but aggressive redistribution of wealth from the working class to the inheritance class.

That said, I see that you and I seem to be attracting a similar type of commenter, such as "Random." You know what I really notice? I mean, a difference that really stands out between bloggers such as ourselves and those typified by "Random"?

We (you and I and left-bloggers in general) criticize the Neocon ideology, government leaders, their statements, and their specific policies. We do not attack the "general public" as such, as we frequntly tend to maintain a liberal tolerance of opposing viewpoints.

These right-wing commenters, however, make sweeping condemnations of everyone who disagrees with them. It's "liberals this, and liberals that," and we're all lumped in with Stalin and Mao.

I think this is a symptom of the bombardment my right-wing media that "liberal" means evil. So many have been subjected to it and influenced by it. It's reliance on generalization is their downfall in debate, but their strength when the time comes to form an angry mob.

SheaNC said...

A timeline: I posted a comment, then decided to delete and revise it to add more, and when I reposted it, atRandom's reponse to mine was already there. I just wanted to throw that in because it might sound confusing now that the two are reversed in order.

Having said that, atRandom's second comment strongly reinforces my postition. He makes baseless and totally inaccurate accusations, and relies on erroneous information, along with selective avoidance of the truth, to concoct his ridiculous claims. "Walter Cronkite, the ultimate anti-Americanist"? George Bush's "plethora of energy ideas"? Ha ha ha ha ha! AtRandom, you old usenet trolls are all alike.

windspike said...

Dear Random,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful,insightful commentary. I'll think about it and get back to you. Illumination is a great when it comes for free.

AtRandom said...

You're welcome. You need it so desperately. Your failure to respond is so typical of you anti-democracy types. You so want to dictate your opinions but when somebody object you cut and run at the first hint of disagreement and don't have intestinal fortitude to defend you position. You just want to pontificate. Better for us. Keep cutting and running.

SheaNC said...

atRandom, is commenting in blogs part of your habilitation program? The more you write, the evident it is that you are crying for help. You don't have to be ashamed of your condition. Your special.