Monday, May 23, 2005

The Underlying Humor of the Reichwing Argument

In light of my recent good fortune of being the target of some reichwinger commentary, I thought it would be good to repost the statement I made a while back (February) regarding the underlying humor of the reichwing argument. I generally like to parry back and forth when points are being made, but when people start using slander as well as use questions of the "when did you stop beating your wife" variety, I generally don't respond (e.g. questioning the number of hits in my counter seems both baseless and pointless as an argument). If that makes someone mad or dissapoints another, as other bloggers have said, no one is stopping you from not clicking here.

From my post in february:

Phase 1 - W, Rove and Co, make some subversive move, which on occasion could be construed as highly unethical at best, and at worst, punishable by time in prison (e.g. WMD ploy to invade Iraq, or if you like, the awarding of multibillion dollar contracts via unsolicited bids to Halliburton, or the use of shill "reporters" to advance particular bigoted or charged agenda items...the list goes on, for example the leaking of the CIA agent's name and subsequent murder of that individual for having her cover blown).

Phase 2 - Someone, objective or not, finds out the truth (say like, the missing splotch in W's service record and shirking of responsibility during his time in the National Guard) and say's "hey, wait a minute."

Phase 3 - Someone on the reichwing says - "Hey, you are unpatriotic for saying that (whatever the person said in phase 2). "

Phase 4 - Completing the circle of this twisting swirl down the toilet bowl, the reichside flagellates said Phase 2 commentator on various issues, of but not pertaining to the subject at hand, and in particular uses rhetorical biblical references to point out that this person is "Godless" or a heathen and therefore some kind of terrorist (or communist, or socialist, or sympathizer, or some other supposedly denigrating term). The inference is then left to the reader to assume which one is correct, but the malicious slandering of people of opposing viewpoints hangs like death over a morgue. The stink is too difficult to remove.

There in lies the humor - of the tragicomic sort- read through the morass and tear it down to the base elements and you find, one side pointing out faults, the other not accepting blame nor the responsiblity, and then projecting their problems onto the messenger. It's as if they have effectively woven a biblical quilt over their eyes and can't see their own faults. Moreover, they are in a desperate frenzy to blame anyone but themselves for the trouble they have sewn us into...and it is the contrarians' fault that our country is in its current state.

Unrequited, in the end, there is satisfaction for no one. The country is still in the same (or worse) mess we were in before voices were raised with the requisite referencing of the First Amendment. No one accepts blame, and what is worse, no one is held accountable. And all sides move further apart. Meanwhile the capitalist pigs in charge lie in their own shit, even while many try to put lipstick on one another.


profmarcus said...

someone on one of the other blogs put it this way - blather, rinse, repeat...

AtRandom said...

Hey ,windspike, I have a question for you. Which country has the biggest supply of of fossil fuels in the world?
I'd be interested in knowing your guess. Don't look it up on the Internet or quiz someone else. You should know the answer immediately because of your vast store of knowledge about energy questions.

Kvatch said...

Thanks for the pointer. I think you're right on, as I've actually experienced threads that go exactly this way myself.

My own attempt at spinning interactions with the bug-eyed right was my, "Conservative Blogger's Manifesto," a distillation of suggestions that would make any right-wing blogger pround.