Friday, May 20, 2005

Sex-ifying Saddam

Okay, what's the main purpose that The Sun printed pix of our lovely dictator Saddam?

I can see it now...a la risky business and Tom Cruise...Saddam singing..."I'm too sexy for this country, too sexy to be a dictator, too sexy for these briefs, too sexy for these terrorists, too sexy for the USA, too sexy for..."

You get the idea. As to why the US Military and W, Rove and Co are more distrurbed by these pics than the ones of hooded torturers is beyond me.


More revealing pictures were published Saturday in the British tabloid, The Sun, including one of Saddam seen through barbed wire wearing a white robe-like garment, and another of Ali Hassan al-Majid, better known as "Chemical Ali," in a bathrobe and holding a towel.

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Perhaps this is akin to the idea that women really want to get to know folks on death row?


Scott Peterson, the man who was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn child, had been on Death Row barely an hour when the first proposal arrived from a woman who wants to be the new Mrs. Scott Peterson.

Three dozen phone calls came in to the warden's office on Peterson's first day at his new home in San Quentin State Prison -- women were pleading for his mailing address, and one smitten 18-year-old said she wanted to marry him.

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We do live in a very twisted society, no?

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