Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trusting the President

When W says that he never talked with Harriet Miers about her views on abortion, do you believe him? I do. Why he doesn't need to is a better question: Becuase he "knows her heart." We can thus assume that she is of the same mind, no?

In the few clips I have been able to listen to during the W's press briefing (not yet on line with the text last I checked), I have one question: How is it that a person can expect another to not change over the course of twenty years? W expects that here Miers' judicial philosophy won't change, but like the W, Rove and Co. are unable and unwilling to discuss possible cases that the court may hear, how could the W know what Ms. Miers will be like in 20 years?

Certainly, her experience, if appointed will change her. Moreover, we should all ask ourselves. Are we the same people we were twenty years ago? Nope. Is it time to start trusting this president? I don't think so. The reasons not to are many.


Anonymous said...

The problem with George

George believes in himself. If he met Hitler and decided he was a nice guy (many people in Germany believed this at the time), you can bet Hitler would be on his short list for a government post.

George doesn't encourage people who disagree with him to stay in touch. He would be right at home in Stalin's Moscow being saluted by the adoring masses. George only appears before vetted audiences. His image requires an absence of dissent. One heckler could bring down his house of cards.

Birds of a feather

We should not be surprised at George's selection of Harriet Miers. She's a born-again Christian and a virtual clone of George himself.

Here's a clip from the Washington Post:

''One evening in the 1980s, several years after Harriet Miers dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, she attended a lecture at her Dallas evangelical church with Nathan Hecht, a colleague at her law firm and her on-again, off-again boyfriend. The speaker was Paul Brand, a surgeon and the author of "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," a best-selling exploration of God and the human body.

''When the lecture was over, Miers said words Hecht had never heard from her before. "I'm convinced that life begins at conception," Hecht recalled her saying. According to Hecht, now a Texas Supreme Court justice, Miers has believed ever since that abortion is "taking a life." ''

Ken Grandlund said...

Of course W doesn't think people change throughout life. Those kind of folks are just "flip-floppers" right?

Besides, W hasn't changed either, despite his mask of Born Again Christianity- deep down, he's still the squirmy little drunk he always was.

nedhead said...

It is a tragic comedy. This nation's current breed of leadership. Representative government? What does that say about the public? Nothing good it seems.

And I have given up hope that people will truly see the light that is shining out of BushCo's collective ass. Because they have been giving us a view of their highminded backsides for several years now, we, as a general public, have gotten accustomed to the smell.