Monday, October 24, 2005

Rotten at the Core

I don't know about you, but this coming election cycle I am anti-incumbent. 2006 should be about a wholesale find an replace to fix what is rotten in our government from the core out. I was commenting over at Moxie Grrl and had a reply to another person's comment that explains my postion:
In D.C. only concrete actions account for strong messages. When your government fails to help you after a hurricane, it hurts.

When the voters speak, particularly those not privy to large corporate pools of dollars to pay well shod lobbyists to speak for them, it's usually by voting. Unfortunately, particularly with this administration, they take a false majority and parley that into a "mandate from the people." And, the democrats are simply folding over - not a real spine among them. I would be happy to examine the record of anyone you suggest might be in possession of such a spine, but I think we may need to look for help outside the beltway to fix what's wrong with our system. It stinks from the inside out and the shit rains on the constituents.

In the end, a wholesale find and replace would be a strong message. Even better would be replacing all incumbents with strong, liberal and fiscally smart thinkers. I know they are hard to find, but they are out there - they have yet to present themselves.

Anyway, there may be one or two that need to stick around, but just by the fact that they are in there suggest that they like the system the way it is. The rot needs to be cleaned from the very dirty core, all the way to the nasty, failing and falling apart fringes. Like the mob, it's time for us to call in the governmental cleaners as there is nary a clean hand in this bloody mess.
When the time comes, I hope you all are with me to send a very strong message that will change the artificial mandate this administration has capitalized on and vote the bastards out.


Anonymous said...

The October 2006 Surprise: Underestimating the Republican Congress ...

Congress, which has the power to declare war, will declare the war over just before the election. Ta, da, reelection!

Nixon did it.

Nixon was elected because he said he had a plan to end the Vietnam War. He ended it on the eve of the next election, after another 20,000 US dead. He was reelected.

... and overestimating the US electorate.

David R. Remer said...

I highly recommend adding your anti-incumbent voice to a new grass roots movement called VOID, Vote Out Incumbents Democracy. Anti-incumbents organizing to turn American politics on its head.