Thursday, October 13, 2005

Candy for People with Already Decaying Teeth

Today's W publicity stunt was so scripted, it hurts to bite. Moreover, it was more candy for an American people with already decaying teeth. The text of Scotty's press gaggle is not up yet, but I'll update if I can when it is. Crooks and Liers is pointing out that, indeed, the briefing from Tikrit was scripted.

Again, what does this administration take us for, fools? Aparently so.

More taxpayer dollars down the toilet, swishing with the bowels of a foundering administration emptied upon us. The shit rains on our heads and they ask us to like it.


nedhead said...

The AP put out an article that spelled out how scripted this thing was.

Is the American public that dumb to fall for this? How is this not embarassing to those in power? I would feel like a damn fool if it were me.

Anonymous said...

Civics lesson

What's embarrassing is that the Bushies don't understand that the best lies are 99% true. They lie even when the truth would serve their, and our, interest. They're neither good nor effective liars. Now that's embarrassing. To me.

Pathological liars are not themselves embarrassed. Lying is what they do.