Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Publicity Stunt

Condi attends Rosa Parks' funeral. Humm. Publicity stunt or disgrace? Certainly, she had no choice not to attend. She had to be there. Is she next in line to be Veep? It could go like this:
A - Libby = Prison - folds over on his chronies to shrink his sentence.

B - Official A = Rove = another indictment = another resignation.

C - Cheney = at the tip of the iceberg = resigns.

D - Ergo = W, in a bind, gives Condi a boost up to Veep.
The repubs have to be thinking this is the case, no? Are they scared yet?

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Ken Grandlund said...

I don' tthink they believe this will happen. They seem to be getting bold with the first round of indictments being so limited. I hope they will be proven wrong and that more indictments will be forthcoming. If that occurs, all bets are off for what may happen.