Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Begining To Look A Lot Like "Fitzmas."

The fever is catching. Many people are in a salubrious state wrought with antici...PATION (sorry, Mox:-). Bloggers around the globe are set to cream their shorts when the news leaks (ha, ha, pun intended). Fitzy has been extremely tight lipped - demonstrating exactly how to keep the trap shut unlike Kenny Starr who had looser lips than Linda Trip.

My bet is that Fitzy makes his announcements on Friday and has a nice laid back weekend in a personal retreat from the media spotlight. Moxie Grrrl has a post up for a day or so that has some nice commentary. Therein, I suggest an idea about how to actually save the U.S. Taxpayer some serious amounts of cash prosecuting these nut jobs:
... Oh, I just thought of a better option. Howzabout we let the justice system work magic by bypassing the usual due process in the name of the Patriot Act and send these folks down to Gitmo? Or, another option could be to enlist in the military to serve in a combat unit in Iraq? This would save the taxpayers a bundle of cash prosecuting the bastards, no?
The sad state of this whole situation is that our government is so rotten to the very core that we are becoming ecstatic about the possible demise of a reigning administration. How did it come to this? At least there is no armed coup d'etats, but really, the whole mess is an embarrassment - and in particular Republicans who voted for these nut jobs should give themselves some kind of self flagellation for voting for them.

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