Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hinting At Victory

Is it me, or is anyone else getting very tired of W hinting that we are close to victory in the "war on terror?"
As Iraqis take these next steps on the path to freedom and democracy, the terrorists will do everything they can to stop this progress and try to break our will. They will fail. Defeating the terrorists in Iraq will require more time and more sacrifice. Yet all Americans can have confidence in the military commanders who are leading the effort in Iraq, and in the troops under their command. They have made important gains in recent weeks and months; they are adapting our strategy to meet the needs on the ground; and they're helping us to bring victory in the war on terror.
Two good questions for the W, Rove and Co 1) What exactly would victory in the "war on terror" look like? And 2) Can you finish the job before your entire party is voted out of office (or at least by 2008)?


Ken Grandlund said...

Or even better- can they "finish the job" before they are all indicted?

The words they continue to blather are growing more and more hollow by the day. What more evidence is needed to wake people up to their banalities?

Anonymous said...

5 O'clock follies

The underlying assumption in Bush's speech is that everyone who opposes the US occupation of Iraq is a terrorist. No thinking person believes this. For Bush to put this forward is insulting to the American public.

Bush is also mistaken in his assumption that Iraqi soldiers speak the language and therefore have an insight into the local situation where they're attempting to enforce their will.

There are many dialects. Anyone speaking a different brand is automatically suspect. We're talking clans and tribes that have intermarried locally for centuries. Just because you're from Spain and speak Spanish doesn't mean you can extract intel from a Mexican LA street gang.

SheaNC said...

Is that the same president who said that "we can't win" the war on terror in an interview? Why yes, it is!