Saturday, October 22, 2005

Karen Hughes: Effective Expense of US Taxpayer Dollars?

Excuse me, but here's another example of GW's pals continuing to lie to the global population. Why is it that US Taxpayers are paying her salary?
Jakarta, Indonesia -- The Bush administration's envoy, Karen Hughes, visited Indonesia on Friday as part of her campaign to repair U.S. standing with the world's Muslims, and defended the invasion of Iraq by telling skeptical students that deposed President Saddam Hussein had gassed hundreds of thousands of his own people.

Her remark was an impassioned answer to familiar criticisms of U.S. policy raised by her audience at one of Indonesia's leading Islamic universities. But it was also wrong.
State Department officials later acknowledged that Hughes -- whom President Bush handpicked to set the record straight on U.S. policies in the Muslim world -- had misreported history.
If The Donald rather than The Dubbya were in charge, I am sure we would all hear the familiar refrain: "You're Fired!"

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SheaNC said...

She is one whom I consider to be among the worst of the current neocon regime, because she helped orchestrate the theft of the 2000 election. A pox on her, at the very least.