Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here's an Interesting Quote for Intelligentia favoring Intelligent Design

Perhaps proponents of "Intelligent" design are not so intellligent:
Teaching intelligent design is "probably the worst thing I have ever heard of in science education," said Brian Alters, who teaches science education at Harvard University and McGill University in Montreal and was called as an expert witness by parents suing the Dover, Pennsylvania, school district..."

...Evolution does not deny the existence of God," he said. "It's not about God. You can play the game of science and still have your religious beliefs."

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Anonymous said...

''God'' invented calculus

From the link: 'Christian conservatives, who say nature is so complex it must have been the work of a God-like creator ...'

I was made by ''God'' to understand all things. If I can't understand it, then the work is God's alone.

A/K/A, Why did ''God'' make fools? and why am I one of them?