Monday, October 10, 2005


Three year olds say the darndest things. Our eldest son came up with a fantastic word a while back that simply rolls off the tongue. The trouble is, we sure can't come up with and equally riveting meaning. The word - spelled in an onomatopoeia format - sounds exactly like it reads: Chublioop. The closest thing I can come up with as a worthy meaning is as follows:
Chublioop: (n) Word originating from the mouths of toddlers. Pronounced exactly like it's spelled.

1- A boy or girl of toddler age, well behaved, laughing uncontrollibly while having serious fun (involving toys or not, but most certainly not doing something devilish like drawing on the wall with crayons).

Does anyone else have another definition for this new word we shall introduce to the common vernacular? Please post below in the comments.


Anonymous said...


2 - A term used to describe a moment of utterly ridiculous joy inspired by whatever.

-Rock City

nedhead said...

3. Any form of high sugar content, fruit based gummy candy for which there is no household cleaner able to remove dried forms of the candy from couch cushions.