Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Reverse Robin Hood

More ironic, or more apropos, moronic decision making by the folks running our government today. As if you need more evidence to be anti-incumbent in the 2006 election cycle:
As soon as tomorrow morning, the House of Representatives will consider a Republican amendment to permanently slash funding for basic health care, nutrition and education services for the poor. The budget proposal already calls for $35 billion in cuts, but top Republicans want to push it up to $50 billion. Meanwhile, the same budget proposal calls for $70 billion in new tax breaks, largely for the wealthy.1 It's reverse Robin Hood politics—robbing the poor to pay back the rich.

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nedhead said...

Perfect logic if you ask me. Aren't they really robbing the middle class anyway?

Who subsidizes the welfare programs? Who pays a disproportionate share of government costs?

2 losers and 1 winner. The rich...surprise!

In addition to term limitations and caps on campaign spending, I think we should set income caps on who can be in Congress. $75K and below.