Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Shit Must Go Somewhere

Interesting op-ed today in the Times. Iraqi "constitution" aside, it's still a time bomb. And there is no telling when we will get our troops home. Perhaps, even, the intent from the outset was to never leave. Have a look:
Anyone who thinks that such a constitution would calm the insurgency has probably been spending more time than he should have reading about Alice in Wonderland. I believe that should the constitution pass, the next few weeks will see an escalation of the unnecessary violence that has ripped my country apart. Unnecessary, because the ordinary citizen has no political agenda, and has found himself amid a war he neither understands nor cares about - a war waged by foreigners who could not care less about Iraq or Iraqis. All he seeks is the most basic necessities of life: electricity, security, a job, food, health care, clean water and working sewers.
Again, it's a shame the President doesn't read. Certainly, as the republicans prove over and again they are not the peoples' party, they are expanding that agenda in other countries as well: the very definition of imperialism.

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